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All About Wool Socks And Why They Are Cool

nullnullWool has always been one of nature?s offering?s to protect man from his own nakedness. Typically derived from the fibrous wool of sheep, wool the textile fiber can also be taken from other animal sources including goat (cashmere and mohair), muskoxen (qiviut), and rabbits (angora).

The good thing about wool is that it is soft to the touch and regulates temperature to keep you dry and comfortable. This is the reason why wool is review great material for making socks. While socks can also be made from cotton, silk, nylon, spandex, olefins and polyester, it?s only wool and wool socks that have a reputation for being cool and comfortable to wear.

This is very important considering that the feet are one of the sweatiest spots in the body, and anyone can sweat up to one US pint of perspiration everyday, although there are people out there who sweat like a faucet from their feet.

There are actually two different kinds of wool socks ? regular wool and smart wool. Smart wool socks improves upon nature to give you socks that are the finest insulators but do not shrink like the wool socks from a long time ago. They also do not smell like synthetic wool socks do. You can walk a mile in those socks and still feel comfortable.

How much do wool socks cost? Well, that really depends. A pair of ordinary wool typically does not cost more than $10. Merino wool costs more - $15 to $22. Lightweight smart wool socks cost upwards of $25. But this is just at one store we looked at. It is entirely possible to find cheaper socks.

Just like any other type of socks, wool socks come in different shapes and sizes. There are toe socks that cover your toe just as a glove would cover the fingers on your hand. There are also bare socks, or socks that homepage only reach the ankle. This type of sock is best to wear with running shoes because it will look like you?re not wearing any socks at all.

Socks haven?t changed much over the last thousands of years. They still look more or less the same with the overall shape covering the feet.

While in the past it used to be in the realm of the elite (only members of the nobility could wear them), right now everyone needs to have at least one pair of socks. Don?t think for once that socks are tacky to wear because if you?ve been looking at the different online stores, you will know that technology has enabled the production of great-looking socks, from the classic to the funky.

For fashionable women, there are also fashion socks that go way above the knee. While we don?t advise that you wear them during the hot and humid summer months, Claudia Craigie has written we would tell you that they offer great protection for your legs and your feet in winter. They look great enough that you can wear a skirt over them.

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